BOHO HOME | DECOR Style and How-To Easily Achieve it

11 Awesome Ways to do Boho in this Easy and Useful guide Plus 14 free bonus new DIY Tips & Hacks to do right now!

As you may or may not know, the Boho Decor trend started taking off around three years ago in 2017. It is still very much in demand and all over Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube! Scroll down to watch the playlist on Boho Living room and boho aesthetic. If you want a bit of Boho too like everyone else, we have got you covered. Here is the ultimate Boho Decor Style Guide, and all the key pieces you will definitely need for the foundation.

And, if you are on a low budget, you can still get the boho look pieces with our original DIY ideas and projects. Continue reading to grab some GREAT MONEY SAVING TIPS from this ultimate guide to Boho decor! We don’t think Boho decor will ever die out, instead, it will evolve and adapt with the times.


Right now, the most popular Boho decor look is the one with the white walls, stained natural woods, plants, terracotta pots, geometric prints on everything including pots, walls, and rugs. Bohemian + Scandi minimalist + some African, ethnic design. A palette consisting predominately of white, creams, bridges, terracotta, and black for emphasis. It is very clean, neutral, uncluttered, and relaxing.

The “Boho Home” look is easy to pull off with the right foundation pieces. It is a style that is very accessible and easy to imitate. Millennials easily achieve a replica of those stylish Instagram Boho abodes doing it with creativity and style with cheap thrift, upcyling and Amazon|Target|Ikea wares, whilst grown-ups with bigger budgets tend to do it by investing in expensive quality vintage that has loads of character. It doesn’t matter how you do it, a combo of both ways will nail it. Vintage pieces always adds authenticity…

So Boho Decor is very, very in at the moment. The Furniture Pieces FIRST


We are not a boho room (see blow) if we don’t have the ubiquitous tan leather sofa.

Faux Leather Throws

However, there is a really cool hack, if you can’t afford a leather sofa and that is to use these faux leather throws over a normal sofa. Check out the faux tan leather throws below. They look so real no one will know and the other amazing thing is they are totally animal and vegan friendly. Super soft to sit on and practical being machine washable!!

You can also get cushions in the faux leather, vegan-friendly leather (tip: place these on the back of the sofa if the back cushions on your regular sofa are removable).

Faux Leather Throw Cushions

Cushion By Arteresting Bazaar at Society 6
Cushions By LMLH
Cushion By Arteresting Bazaar
Cushion By Moonlight Print at Society 6
Cushions By LMLH
rattan chair needs to be accessorize with beautiful cushions

Cushion By Vicki Brago-Mitchell at Society 6
Cushion By Vicki Brago Mitchell at Society 6
Cushions by LMLH
Cushions By LMLH

If you don’t want to splash out on a leather sofa. You could buy the throws above or another way is to try painting your fabric sofa with Annie Chalk Paints and waxing it to make it soft and not crackly. Yes, that’s right, I have seen it being done – check the video below! The trick is to use the right brush and techniques. It isn’t a DIY project for the faint-hearted but the results can be amazing.


This is where you create the focal point (to place your TV on top off!) usually AND to display all your cool decorative items like interesting pots, vases, trinkets, and plants. A round mirror or gallery wall of art or a combination of the two also looks stunning!

The ideal trick here is to hack an IKEA and add tambour or rattan on the doors. However, ideally it is best to buy a beautiful vintage, mid-century from charity stores, vintage stores or markets, thrift stores, and eBay if you want real, gorgeous character. However, if you don’t have the time or money to invest in a high-quality one (they are not that easy to hunt down), the unique ones we found, including our very own Rattan credenza (see below) are not bad and will do the trick.

rattan basket weave webbing sideboard
@ Society 6 Rattan Credenza | Sideboard by LMLH


No expensive cashmere throws here unless you want to indulge! There are some that look like wool but are not see below. Going back to the sofa again in tip1, we now need to do some major layering with the right type of Boho throws and blankets. You will have to place a few handmade looking, either textured or interesting print fabric cushions. Here we have selected a vintage textiles rug design (which could cost literally thousands of dollars for the original) and an ethnic batik design. Ideally very large size and cotton material for comfort and ease of care.

Ethnic Boho Print Cushions

With cushions, go for African mud cloth inspired design prints, ikat-batik, abstract geometrics (see below) and macrame.

Faux Macrame and Vintage Rug Throw Cushions

Another great cushion is the faux macrame one and vintage rug/textiles below which is both practical and stylish. The former will never get knotted and the latter is super chic and look expensive (pssst… real vintage textiles costs $$$$$!) until you realize it’s faux, but they will look great regardless and help get that hippy boho edge into your room. The great thing with these cushions, if they get soiled and dirty, it’s easy to care – just stick in the washing machine (super practical indeed)!


Now you are probably thinking, where do I put all those lovely cushions when I want to relax and sit on my sofa? The trick is to have a large woven basket nearby.

Baskets add the woven texture, handcrafted look that boho decor enthusiasts love. You can also add lightweight two-tone/three-tone flat ones as wall decoration and sturdier ones as trays for fruit and a surface for those refreshing candles. We particularly love the beautiful fair trade ones.


These natural wooden or bamboo large round mirrors bring plenty of light and look amazing above the sideboard. They add the nice flow of energy being circular with no angular corners. They also compliment the baskets on the wall.

If you don’t want to go for a wooden mirror you can also try a natural woven one such as rattan and rope.


To create that chilled and relaxed feeling adored by boho décor lovers you need to get the smells, soft lighting, and feeling right inside the home. You can do this by adding some relaxing candles and the right lighting both on the ceiling and on the surfaces. We love that gorgeous French brand Diptique that makes some of the most heavenly scented candles in the world!

Our favourite scent are listed below including Baies. These candles are not cheap but once you burn one you will be hooked. You cannot go wrong with a Himalayan salt lamp which has extra health benefits too. On the ceiling, it is best to use a large natural lampshade like Rattan and bamboo.


Now we will look at the floor. Ideally, the Boho room would have lovely natural, lightly stained, wooden floors. On top of the floor would be a lovely large rug. The best ones are vintage and would be Persian, Turkish or Moroccan. Such rugs are however not cheap! We are talking thousands of dollars!

Luckily we found some decent and cheaper look-alike ones with the right kind of patterns and colors. The faded, worn, or well-travelled look is always best for the rugs. Another neat hack: If you can’t afford the real vintage rugs you can put vintage rug floor pillows on the floor – see the gorgeous one below (an actual vintage Persian rug would set you back $$$$$!!) Also, check out the faux knitted floor cushion with a Moroccan vibe.

Another tip is to put floor cushions or a Moroccan pouf (a leather floor cushion) if you have one spare! It shows you have traveled afar which is what a Boho person does, a lot of traveling!

Alternatively, you could experiment with some faux leather floor cushions and hand draw (or use stencils) white and black faces, geometric shapes and Moroccan rug designs onto the faux leather, see our own Love My Lovely Home (LMLH) freehand face drawing below as inspiration.

The rug is essential as it defines the space and it should be right by the sofa. Next, you need a heavy-duty, wooden table to sit on the rug. Ideally, the coffee table will be round or with rounded corners and be either mid-century or influenced by that time.


You need some decorative vases, pots, coasters, acrylic blocks, clocks, trinkets, and ornaments to add some boho touch either placing them on a sideboard or wooden shelves. Here are some unique new items we have found that pick out natural tones and colors such as stone, beige, brown, and terracotta.

We love the cute faux clay items, again very practical (looks delicate but isn’t at all – no need to worry about accidental damage). We also love the faux natural wood clock (save trees, my friends)! Thrifty items picked up from charity shops and flea markets also add interest and add layers to the boho abode.

Pink Buddha Meditation Canvas by LMLH
Image from Amazon

Another thing you can do is spray existing pots and vases that don’t fit the color scheme. The best is this stone effect spray (makes a light pot look expensive and heavy). You can also spray it white and dab on a dark brown or black geometric designs using the stencil we found below. If you have a black pot to hand, why not get creative and use the Soto paint below which is great for painting freehand designs like a face or eyes with its neat small brush tip.

Image from Amazon


You can’t leave the walls bare if you want a boho look. Put up handcrafted pieces such as macrame wall hangings, mid-century modern, Skandi prints, and round brass picture frames.

Check out our pick of stylish photographic prints with a nature, boho theme.

Put up some wooden floating shelves like the ones below. Another trick is to hang handcrafted items on wooden peg hooks such as a vintage straw boho bag with a star pattern (looks fab). You can also add some plastic lining into the basket bag, add some soil, and put in some real plants. Or you can put in fake plants, dried plants, and pampa grass for low maintenance! Both will look boho.

Image from Amazon

If you already own macrame wall hangings like the white ones below, another way to freshen and update them would be to add some terracotta, black and grey yarns by knotting them through into the existing yarns to add color and texture.

If you are feeling adventurous get some fabric dyes and add a graduated tonal effect like this ombre t-shirt and dress by painting downward strokes along the threads in tones of browns, beige and burnt sienna.

Image from Amazon

Another great thing to do is make some of your own fabric tapestries using old white sheets. The tie-dye effect is a great boho look. It is easy to make an immersion dye bath! With a few elastic bands and 60mins of your time, you will have a unique fabric wall art (sew some loops and put it on a dowel rod or a simple black curtain pole. Any excess fabric could be glued and stitch onto cushion covers. You can also paint and dye directly onto existing white cotton cushion covers.


A boho room can not be boho if the windows are not dressed properly. You need to ideally hang the curtain poles as high up as possible (an inch and half below the ceiling) which creates the feeling of a tall wall and even bigger windows plus it disguises a tiny square one!

The curtains should be neutral and blend into the walls. This will create a big and airy room. The trick is to layer the curtains using a sheer one inside and a cotton-linen woven one on the outside. You will achieve this with a double curtain one like the sturdy one above.

Another great hack is to hang shower curtains as drapes! If you can back them up with cotton or have a blackout fabric so it’s double-sided even better. There is nothing saying you can’t see these shower curtains in a room other than the bathroom and they look so expensive especially the faux leather ones and no one will know (wink) unless you said anything. Check the ones we have here that give a boho look to the room.

If you don’ want the curtains to be white you could hang a more designed inner one. Read the tie-dye an old sheet above as those same ideas would also do for the inner curtain. You can use some of the items we listed below to experiment with your freehand designs. Go for repeat geometric patterns and have it partly showing through.


You need greenery indoors to instil a peaceful and healthy environment in the Boho home. There are so many varieties to choose from you have to be careful you don’t end up living in a jungle! Our tip is to choose some pretty succulents that have beautiful symmetry and some taller plants that add height like the snake plant which cleans the air indoors!

Create a real living botanical gardens in your living room

Check out the device that enables you to achieve this hanging green wall using the buy now button below and if you use this button you will get free delivery via our partners, so even more incentive to grab one of these soon before they sell out!

If you don’t get enough sunlight and just can’t look after plants. I know they can die if you don’t look after them properly! It is good to try plants that need less light and are more durable like the Peace Lily plant above and the others I have picked out after studying a plant book!

Failing that you could try some great fake ones that look almost real and don’t need any effort at all to thrive. The way to create some realistic fake soil for these plants like the big cheese plant below, is to use some old brown fabric! Scrunched this up and dab on a mixture of brown and black paint, but just remember to not water your fake realistic plants, or else it would be very messy!

Boho Living Room – watch here!

Please also remember to check out the checklist and playlist which we curated of the best Boho Living room found on YouTube or this LMLH YouTube Boho Living Room Playlist link. Our channel has only got a few videos due to our busy schedule, however please subscribe to LMLH to get more videos in the near future when we will hopefully be uploading more!

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to do Boho decor style in your home and do try out some of the DIY hacks here. We would love to hear about how they went! If you liked the post, please pin the image below with the link to the blog post and share it to your boards!

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